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Tamiya - TLT-1 Max Climber - TLT1(Kit) (47202)
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Product Scale : 1/18
Chassis Type : Kit
Colour :  | Size :
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 Following the release of the 1/18 scale TLT-1 Rock Buster comes the second model in the Little Gear Series, the TLT-1 Max Climber. The Rock Buster proved a huge hit thanks to its powerful climbing, maneuverability, durability and small size. The new Max Climber is packed with all the great features that made the Rock Buster so popular plus a whole new body. Chassis has also been adapted to be compatible with a regular lay down battery pack.

At just 28cm our second release on the TLT-1 chassis may seem small, but the Max Climber packs one hell of an awesome punch. This mighty 4WD truck can take on the bumpiest terrain thanks to a massive 4-link cantilever suspension system and huge semi-pneumatic truck tires. Not only boasting running performance the equivalent of a 1/10 scale model at half the size, the mighty Max Climber also features a wicked SUV body design making it the coolest truck on the block.

High Performance Settings

The 4-link rigid suspension absorbs all bumps and ditches via rocker arm controlled oil dampers. Designed for efficiency and minimal power loss, the 4WD drive train consists of a centrally mounted motor, drive belt, center ball differential, front and rear propeller shafts and differential gearboxes.

Loads Of Improvements

Now compatible with a standard lay down battery pack, the Max Climber does not require a special battery like its predecessor the Rock Buster. Other improvements on the Rock Buster include a 2mm thick black anodized aluminum frame and metal plated wheels featuring a shiny red finish.

Awesome Suspension Stroke

Both front and rear axles are linked to suspension system via metal link rods, providing a huge suspension stroke and ensuring reliable running performance even on the most bumpy of terrains.

4-Wheel Steering

Via attaching an extra servo (sold separately) to the rear, you can turn your conventional 2-wheel steer truck into an awesome 4-wheel steer for exceptional control. Steering front and rear wheels in opposite direction gives sharper turning, while steering front and rear wheels in the same direction allows for side running.

  • When using an extra servo with a 2-channel R/C system, a splitter compatible with your transmitter is required.
  • Use a TSU-01 Servo (ITEM 7255097) for 4-wheel steering.


  • Overall length: 280mm, Overall width: 251mm 98mm diameter wheels
  • All new SUV inspired body featuring cool sleek design.
  • Compatible with a regular lay down battery.
  • Belt drive lightweight aluminum chassis that takes the power straight to your four wheels.
  • Four link push rod suspension with aluminum dampers.
  • Powered by a Type 540 motor.
  • 4-wheel steering capabilities (2 servos required).
  • Clever package design allowing the packaging to be also used as a carry case.


Separately required items:




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