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Tamiya - EBBRO BTEC Maziora 350R - TA05IFS(Kit) (58389)
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Chassis Type : Kit
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 About the EBBRO BTEC Maziora 350R

Nova Engineering has a long and successful history in Japanese motorsports, participating in Formula Nippon, various endurance series races, as well as the JGTC/Super GT championships. The EBBRO Maziora 350R is EBBRO Team Nova's entry in the GT300 class for the 2007 Super GT race season. Driven by Tetsuya Tanaka and Shinsuke Yamazaki, the No.4 machine is based on the RD350R, produced by Vemac Car Company Ltd. It's distinctive body shape and livery makes it easy to spot on the track. The team is already off to a good start this season with a Top-10 finish at Round 1 Suzuka.

About the Model

  • Newly designed TA05-IFS chassis features inboard front suspension with horizontally-mounted oil dampers for accurate depiction of low nose body.
  • Front and rear reversible suspensions provide excellent handling and precise suspension adjustment.
  • Stylish gun-metal medium narrow 6-spoke wheels (+2) equipped with racing slick tires.
  • Completely new moldings for the car's body, rear wing, and side mirrors faithfully reproduce the actual car's sleek form.
  • 1mm thickness clear polycarbonate body is both lightweight and durable. Use Tamiya Polycarbonate Spray paints for a superb finish (PS16 Metallic Blue & PS41 Bright Silver recommended).

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